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It’s been awhile.
I feel like my reputation precedes me, but I will say this here as a note for the future.
If you wish to comment on my posts, please refrain from quoting scripture, as morality exists outside of a belief system.
Saying this your belief system does affect the way you do view morality, however do not negate, invalidate or attack other’s choices to follow other belief systems, and the idea of morality being independent/interdependent of religious doctrine, dogma or institutions as again, morality is not dependent on a belief in God.
For example, personally, as a Muslimah, Islam, my lived experience as a first generation black Muslimah, informs worldview. Your worldview shapes the degree of dissonance and moral affluenza you are likely to carry and spread in your lifetime. Affluenza, on my timeline will not be tolerated, and saying this – all your favs are problematic, do not put anyone on a pedestal, including myself.
Being a Believer of a Monotheistic Abrahamic God, I acknowledge that the colonial, conquest oriented religious ideologies that have spread both Islam and Christianity respectively and thus, a consquence of that is a violent erasure of the morality, spirituality, humanity and vital aspects of the oneness of the human experience which ultimately bond us more than they should divide us.
As a writer, and as an individual, I have been struggling with a very specific question.
Do I wish to be defined by my identity or do I want to be defining my identity?
I have an answer for the world, I define who I am and why I believe what I believe when I believe it, if I believe it.
There’s an important Islamic principle, that has stuck with me for a long time, more than anything else really in the teachings of Islam. It’s the search for knowledge. That you are obligated to never stop learning, questioning, and that you must question even God, the nature of God and the spirit and intent of your respective teachings. You must know what you believe and why.
We live in a world where “because God says so” is not good enough, it never was. We live in a world where individuals personify Islam and other religions, as to say it is an active individual which thinks for you, which you can ask, when really Islam, like all faith systems are ideology dependent on the suspension of disbelief.
It’s this suspension of disbelief, when taken to an deviant level of denial, that suspends the search for knowledge that ultimately inhibits individuals, from not only Islam’s parishioners, from thinking critically.
The death of reasoning is a death of responsibility.
Especially in a People’s religion. It is frightening that, not only Muslims, but subscribers of more traditionally identified political and economic ideologies are so willing to absolve themselves of the responsibility and deny complicity.
Let alone realize the true devastation of the repercussions of their behavioural choices?
It is for that reason, and those reasons alone that I say this now, and say it once.
You will be held accountable for any bigoted ideologies you champion on my wall or to my face at any point, I will not hesitate to challenge you to defend your beliefs.
If you continue to invalidate, attack or seek to derail, you will be ridiculed. Not out of malice, nor even resentment. Out of mercy, because it seems that only shame in the social media age is an effective tool to truly antagonize or embarrass those suffering from cognitive dissonance and moral affluenza.
If you at any attempt try cox me into the chains of respectability politics, adab and the jail cell of the tone police, you’ve made a grave mistake. You have only sealed your own fate. It’s not my fault, you’re stupid.
If you are a student in higher education, or have been educated to a high degree in any field where you are subject to  the acquisition of knowledge, which is practically every single one, I’m inclinded to discern, and discriminate on the basis of the quality of your response, it’s line of questioning, and what it contributes to the discussion. Your depth of thought is not limited to the percentage grade and degree you wish to achieve.
Thank you.

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