The Lifers embrace folk and nature

Original post on the Western Gazette 

The Lifers

Out and In


Rating: 3/5

Guelph sisters Liv and Anita Cazzola are known as The Lifers, a folk music duo. They began developing their musical stylings in Feb. 2014 and list some of their influences as Dan Mangan, The Staves and Feist. The Cazzola sisters recently released their debut album Out and In, which features beautiful harmonies and a calm ambiance.


Courtesy of the Lifers

The album revolves around nature-inspired sounds and the ambience of daily life. The sisters start off the album with a soothing song called Listen to the Rain, which uses the pitter patters of rain to back their lyrical harmonies. On the other hand, the follow-up track The Moon And The Stars starts to the sound of a rural summer night.

If you close your eyes, the album transports you through experiences of airy sights and sounds. Guitars and cellos strum confidently but gently, swelling to the tune of potent drums. I’ve Got You is bright, reassuring, playful and heartfelt, while tracks like Home for the Weekend and Blue Tattered Shoes delve into longing, wanderlust and wondering.


Courtesy of the Lifers

Simple is better in this folksy album where even more upbeat songs are still laid back. Songs are artfully uncomplicated to the point where tracks meld seamlessly together. This makes this album a great late night or early morning listen. There isn’t an abrupt change in tone or tempo. Each song is placed deliberately with care.

This duo’s sound is similar to an earlier version of Of Monsters of Men and The Lumineers blended with Babel-phase Mumford and Sons. You can definitely hear them experimenting with different sounds in tracks where some songs sound far closer to folk rock while others are far more country.

Standout tracks include the promising Home For The Weekend, haunting opener Listen to the Rain and closer Where The Smoke Blows.

As a debut project, Out and In blends the light sounds of folk and country and starts off a great beginning for the two sisters. 

The Lifers will be performing at two venues in London in the near future, on March 4 at the London Music Club and later in April at the Night of the Living Room. Links to their shows can be found here.


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