Some much needed postdoctoral appreciation

Original post on the Western Gazette

Postdoctoral students are receiving some much needed love across Canadian universities. Inspired by the American national postdoc appreciation week, here at Western students have put their own spin on the event.

Andrea Di Sebastiano, a postdoctoral fellow at the Robarts Institute and vice-president communications of the Postdoctoral Association at Western, outlined what the week entailed. Postdoc Appreciation Week provides orientation for new students, career development workshops, guest speakers and a variety of opportunities to mingle.

Some examples of events include this past Sunday’s local Terry Fox Run where a group of postdoc students raised $485. There was also a seminar featuring Dr. Phillip Clifford from the University of Chicago on planning a successful career. Additional events included free yoga sessions, soccer games, pub crawls and faculty-specific events.

Often overlooked, postdoc students are an integral part of academic research.

“As a whole, [postdocs] feel under appreciated … and we tend to fall into this middle section where we’re not quite students or faculty,” Di Sebastiano said.

Interested individuals can find out more by following PAW on Twitter, liking them on Facebook or viewing their website at 


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