Deadpool delivers raunchy, gore-filled fun

Original post on the Western Gazette

Director: Tim Miller

Starring:  Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller

Rating: 3/5

In the mood for a great combo of raunchy, R-rated humour and gore? Deadpool is the movie for you. This Marvel superhero flick stars a protagonist that is anything but the norm, so don’t be surprised by the explicit nature that has caught some non-comic fans off guard.

Longtime devotees and newbies will be pleased with this movie. Unlike X-Men Origins and previous attempts at the character, this film has all the basic components of Deadpool. From the suit to the humour, Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Wade Wilson is far more on point this time around.


Courtesy of ComingSoon.Net

The best part of this movie is the detail and attention to the source material. It’s clear from the intro credits the film makers aren’t afraid to break the fourth wall and poke fun at themselves and higher-ups alike. Some of the jokes are hit or miss, especially if you don’t have a lot of background knowledge, but there are plenty to gawk at. Most of the best jokes are given away in the trailer, but there are some decent ones left. Ultimately, nothing and no one is safe from the sassy and sarcastic wrath of the writing room.

However, action scenes, compelling villains and an attention-grabbing plot are necessary for a fantastic movie and Deadpool does deliver, but only so much. Gore aside, Deadpool doesn’t move with the fantastic choreography of Netflix’s Daredevil or The Winter Soldier. It tends to recycle the same moves and becomes engrossed in slow-mo flips and gun shots. The fights lack a wow factor.

Plot-wise, this movie boils down to a simplistic revenge story with an intriguing villain. Sure, the villain does awful things, speaks in a British accent and has a couple of cool female henchmen, but so what? He doesn’t make us hate him, fear him or cower in his presence. In the Marvel cinematic universe where we have Apocalypse, Hydra and even Ultron, what makes Ajax (Ed Skrein) important enough to remember as Deadpool’s first major foe? He’s just a wannabe baddie in what would have been a minor character’s role.

When it comes down to it, Deadpool is a very basic, satisfying remake of the unconventional hero. With a sequel already greenlit, you can definitely look forward to an extension of Deadpool’s hijinks and exploits, hopefully featuring more X-Men and easter eggs. 


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