Pop culture playlist: March Madness

Video Credit: Kyle Porter

Be very, very, very excited. March is full of interesting things and surefire successes.

Take your pick. Don’t be afraid to try something new.




Jackalope Records

Release Date: March 4

Swedish DJ group, Miike Snow, is releasing their third album. There are so many Swedish DJ’s, but you should be excited about this one. Two singles have come from iii so far, Heart is Full and Genghis Khan. The ladder single has gain notable attention from the likes of Lorde and popularity with its catchy beat and music video.



Light Organ Records

Release Date: March 4

Little Candian Indie darlings The Zolas are breaking out with they’re brand new debut album. They’re presence on the music scene is small (mostly on SoundCloud or live), but that is sure to change with singles like Molotov Girls. The Vancouverites are currently on tour across Canada, be sure to perhaps check them out live before their tickets get pricey.



Hyperdub Records

Release Date: March 4

Sengal born, Kuwaiti EDM artist Fatima Al Qadiri is definitely not your average DJ. She’s releasing her second album, starting fresh and breaking away from her debut moniker of Ashay. She’s a standout from the crowd handling political issues in her early carrier, but seems to be hitting more atmospheric vibes with single Battery, which is sure to draw attention to her work.


This is What the Truth Feels Like

Interscope Records

Release Date: March 18

Hollaback gurl because Gwen Stefani is back with her third studio album. The Voice judge has disclosed that two singles, the most recent Make Me Like You and Used to Love You. Surprisingly, Baby Don’t Lie, a summer single ,wasn’t included on the album tracklist. None have been flying party pop hits so far, but we’ll have to wait and see if what vibes Gwen will put out this time round.


Mind of Mine

RCA Records

Release Date: March 25

If you didn’t hear already, that guy who dared to go the other direction is dropping his debut album. Zayn Malik is now going by the moniker Zayn instead of his full name. The interest and the image is obviously there, but we’ll see if he lives up to the hype after his safe, but promising singles PILLOWTALK (below) and It’s YoU.

We shall see Zayn, we shall see.

Next up!


Beautiful Lies

Light Organ Records

Release Date: March 25

Indie English singer and songwriter Birdy is back with her third album. Known for her successful album Fire Within, the songstress with soulful lyrics and haunting voice is sure to deliver an ethereal experience. Cue the teary eyed melancholy.



Genre: Animated, Action, Family, Adventure

Release Date: March 4

Pixar, animals, animation? What’s not to see in this movie. Zootopia is a definite watch for anyone looking for good time. Trailers look promising with abundant parodies, cameos and humorous exchanges between the beautifully animated anthropomorphic characters.


Genre: Comedy, Action

Release Date: March 4

Tina Fey stars as a foreign correspondent who travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan to cover various stories. The film will explore the character’s trope like struggles as a Western female professional in a foreign land.

Take a wager, this could be decent or awful.


Genre: Action, Thriller

Release Date: March 4

British Prime Minister gets assassinated and a super macho dude goes to stop some nefarious plot by a menacing pseudo middle eastern villain hell bent on decimating the west and all the rest of the world leaders at his funeral. Morgan Freeman will be in this, so betting it’s got vibes similar to Mission Impossible or Bourne type movies. Could be worth your money.


Genre: Action, YA Drama

Release Date: March 18

After woefully deviating from the novels, Allegiant the third installment of the series comes to theatres to conclude the trilogy. Might as well tie loose strings. If not leave ’em.


Genre: Action, Adventure

Release Date: March 25

Clash of the DC Titans, Batman v Superman comes to theatres. The film will be the kick off to the reimagined DC Movie Universe and the precursor to the Justice League film introducing major players — Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc — as well as the world the film will be set in. It’s a no brainer, but don’t drink too much at the screening. It’s going to be longer than Man of Steel, but hopefully much better, finger crossed.



Season: 2 (8 Episodes)

Genre: Reality TV

Network: E!

Premiere Date: March 6

Cait Jenner returns to E! after a successful first season about her life and transition. This series will continue to bring an interesting look into her life as a notable trans woman.


Season: 4 (11 Episodes)

Genre: Period Drama, Spy Thriller, Drama

Network: FX

Premiere Date: March 16

The Americans is a period drama following an incognito KGB spy couple in cold war era America. They live and work amongst peaceful suburban America, with the occasional torture victim in their basement and body in their station wagon. They’ve also managed all of this while raising two kids? The Americanseveryone, aka bringing a new angle to tough love parenting.


Season: 2 (13 Episodes)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Action, Adventure

Premiere Date: March 18

Absolutely highly anticipated season 2 of Marvel’s best TV show out there will be here March 18. STOP EVERYTHING AND CIRCLE THAT DATE. This show is sure to be fantastic. The Punisher, Elektra, Matt Murdock’s abs. Just grab the blankets, laptop charger and popcorn. Go. Go prep it all.


Season: 4 (13 Episodes)

Genre: Drama

Premiere Date: March 4

This definitely will not be as entertaining as the GOP this year, but at least it’s fictional, right. Plus, House of Cards will have some logic to it. This series will be a good watch for sure. Beware the plot twists. Brace yourself for the binge.

Until next time, eat, drink and be merry with your binge fellow human being.



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